Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

Myon Robot of the Humboldt University and this Dr. "I do not publish papers" Hild

Now to something completely different. Nothing about Bioinformatics or Systems Biology - but about: artificial intelligence and robotics.

Once upon a time I had the opportunity to write my Studienarbeit (roughly a Bachelor's degree in the old german degree system) with Manfred Hild (Dr. Hild).

Manfred is mathematician and was ever interested in non linear systems and recurrent neural nets. Meaning (buzz words:) artificial intelligence and robotics. Additionally, he is able to solder and build real electronic stuff (something many computer scientists cannot do at all). Yea. At my time Manfred built strange small walking robots that learnt by themselves how to crawl using recurrent neural nets. Or talking robots that developed their own language. Really really cool stuff. But also really compelling and interesting for me.

Well. I followed a different path and ended up with Bioformatics and Systems Biology (not that bad though :) ).

During the last 7 years Manfred worked hard to build up an independent research group at the HU (Humboldt University) called "Labor für Neurorobotik" ( And he was really successful as it seems.

More interestingly, Manfred - as scientist - almost completely ignores the publication machinery. He just does a good job. This is truly something to learn from.

During the last weeks the group was able to catch great media coverage on their most recent project: The Myon robot. Check out that video and feel inspired:

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