Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Cool papers August 10

My picks:
Nature Reviews drug discovery: Gene and drug matrix for personalized cancer therapy

Nature BT: Can HIV be cured by Stem cell therapy?

Nature Reviews Cancer: The evolutionary dynamics of cancer prevention:

Colleagues from my grad school in PLoS CB: Alexander Skupin, Helmut Kettenmann, Martin Falcke
about Calcium Signals Driven by Single Channel Noise

Nature BT:  Microarrays in the clinic:

Interesting papers:
TIBS about a VDAC (Voltage dependent anion channel between mitrochondria and cytosol) and the validity of 3D structures

Zhiping Weng scores benchmarks again - protein protein docking benchmark version 4.0 in Proteins

Nice read about enchancing docking by using known templates that match. Especially the evaluation is cool: Proteins: Docking by structural similarity at protein-protein interfaces

PLoS Medicine tells us that having friends is healthy. I do not like the generalized sentences at the beginning (10% of britains feel lonely and stuff like that) without any references. But the rest is telling.
Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review

Nature SMB about how they internally fight plagiarism:

Genome Biology wants better genome annotations: Genomic information infrastructure after the deluge

Nature Biotechnology about a sad success. Gaining 3 months on average.
Industry makes strides in melanoma.

Nature expresses concerns about a Enzyme activity chip:

Nature - finally - direct to consumer DNA tests will be regulated:

Nature about really cheap shots by republicans on science funds (alhtough it's funny to read):

Nature reviews two book reviews about Leadership:

Nature News: Citizen science: Folding at home becomes gaming and thinking at home:

Bioinformatics: Over-optimism in bioinformatics. A really cool study how over-optimism biases papers:

Nature about kill'em all (mosquitos):

RNA - not waste - again:

WTF? ACS Chemical information and modeling reviews Word perfect.

ACS CINFM: Comparing ligand binding pockets usind C alphas alone:

Nature Reviews Cancer: It's nicer with Dicer - miRNA levels are lowered in human caners - but why?

Science about Do We Have the Energy for the Next Transition?