Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Science review - 2009 week 43

Nature about scientists talking journalists fooling them and how to react (and how not):

About the Polymath project, where a mathematic problem was solved using an open approach with wikis and so on - really cool:

and then you could also read an article about Google Wave and it's impact for science (accoring to the author - I am less sure there will be an impact).:

KAUST - the universtiy in the desert (and in a dictatorship like kingdom):

PLoS Medicine - refocuses and adopts new interesting concepts - from Twitter to PLoS Currents:

An interview with one of founders of "methylation": Adrian Bird

Nice debate about how methylation patterns are generated:

Three way junctions in RNA - found in many RNA structures:

Biology and Chemistry:
Nature Chemical Biology about the downsides of an reductionist apporach - Cells are more than the simple sum of it's part (systems biology?)

RNA and Chromatin structure control a range of biological processes - an overview:

Structual Biology:
Oberving biology in atomic resolution in real time - cool:

A new twist for determining possible drug targets based on kinetic network models:

Know the CPU architecture and make BLAST faster:

Riboswitch detection on sequence level:

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

Glad to know that the PSI is advancing

PSI (Protein Structure initiative) is an initiative that aims to shed light on proteins with roughly unknown function.

There is a new videocast available from a recent meeting:

Want to know more? Here's the FAQ:

And the corresponding press report is at: